Overwatch Alliance helps our caregivers do what they do best: serve our military and their families.

Many of our warriors feel forgotten and hopeless. They admirably served their duties only to face very real and ongoing struggles back at home. We believe it is our turn to carry the burden, and we need your help.

Consider these striking statistics:

  • Every day 22 veterans take their own life.

  • Nearly 1 million of our nation’s veterans are jobless.

  • On any given night, an astounding 62,000+ veterans are without a home

  • Nearly 300,000 members of our military have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the past 12 years.

  • An estimated 20% of service members will be affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a deployment.

  • 4 million veterans—or 1 out of 5—are disabled.

  • More than 2 million American children have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. At least 19,000 of those children have had a parent wounded in action. Over 2,200 of those children have experienced the pain of losing a parent in battle.

Many Americans assume the United States government takes care of service members’ needs. While great strides have been made in supporting our soldiers, veterans and their families, there just aren’t enough resources to go around.

That’s why Overwatch Alliance is dedicated to working with small, community-based charities that are truly passionate about helping our military. These grassroots organizations log long hours on shoestring budgets—indeed, many volunteers pay for supplies, equipment and services out of their own pockets.

The brave men and women of our Armed Forces put their lives on the line because they believe in this country. They deserve more than our gratitude. Overwatch Alliance will soldier on until every solider, veteran and their family members get the help they need to heal.

"Our utmost thanks goes to Overwatch Alliance for their generous contribution to Canyon Heroes! Your grant makes it possible for Canyon Heroes to hopefully send 24 veterans, with a family member if the veteran so chooses, on a 7-day rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon this year.. We are excited about implementing this program and watching it grow over time, and we are encouraged by the positive results this program can effect for our veterans and their families. We have only one goal in mind: to make a difference for those who have given so much. Thank you again for your generous support."

– Margery E. Hermann, President, Canyon Heroes

Recognized within the Pentagon: http://www.ourmilitary.mil/militaryfamilies


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